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Vets & Breeders on Raw Diets
Champion Portuguese Water Dog Breeder Insists On Raw Diets
Thursday, 12 February 2015 21:52
Talk about top breeders that are committed to feeding their prized dogs raw diets. Jane Anderson owner of Bluegrace kennel in Australia, breeds champion Portuguese Water dogs and will not sell a puppy unless the owner agrees to feed a raw diet. Here's what she writes about raw feeding on her website (bluegrace.com):
"You will not find out this information from pet food companies, pharmaceutical companies, nor most vets. Remember, a healthy pet is not a profitable commodity for these industries.
Ice Man at 11 months always fed a raw dietWhen I first started with PWD's, at the time, it seemed the majority of people did not feed a raw diet. There is evidence that many of the health problems in the PWD are directly caused by the very health care procedures being used to try and reduce health problems. (eg: de-worming strategies) Over time this has changed dramatically. Now there are less and less people who are prepared to risk the health of their dog through an incorrect diet, and people are also understanding the detrimental impact of vaccines and other poisons.
And we won't even place puppies with people who won't feed a raw diet. Check out the application form here with our list of requirements, because the health and well being of our dogs is too important. In addition, we will not allow our dogs to be used at stud unless the owners of the bitch feed their bitch raw, and commit to only placing puppies in raw fed homes. Check out our link here for more info on our stud dog rules.
Whilst it is up to pet owners to really do their own research, below is the tips I give people when they ask me how I feed my dogs. Importantly, people who won't feed raw will not get one of my puppies. If they break their commitment to feeding raw, they lose their health guarantee."
We couldn't agree with you more, Jane!
French Bulldog Breeder Feeds Raw
Friday, 21 November 2014 19:20
I've noticed that French bulldogs, indeed the entire bulldog line from pugs to mastiffs, seem to have delicate stomachs and are particularly prone to gas. Lucky there's raw - we've had many owners of these breeds visit us with horror stories, but once they got them on raw, those problems went away almost immediately. 
But as I've written time and time again, let's hear it from the breeder who is the quintessential expert on their breed. Here's an excerpt from a wonderful article written by Janis Huskey, a top breeder of French bulldogs. For the entire article visit her website at bestfrenchbulldogpuppies.com.
Raw Feeding Benefits
1.      Many Health Issues Heal/Disappear – An overwhelming percent of people who switch to raw feeding report that ‘health issues’ of their pet disappear or naturally heal on their own. This makes sense when you consider that God made our bodies (and our pets) to be able to heal. And with the proper nutrition (and lack of poor nutrition), the body has the fuel it needs to get better. Skin disorders, allergies, feet chewing, discolored fur, bald spots/thinning fur, digestion problems, food intolerance, unusual behavior problems, are just a few of many reported issues that have disappeared.
German Shepherd Breeder Recommends Raw Diet
Thursday, 20 November 2014 19:08
If you've read some of my blog posts you know that I've always maintained that good breeders know their dogs better than any vet. That's why I always recommend speaking to your breeder first before going to your vet. Chances are that your breeder has seen that specific condition before and will be at least able to give your an informed opinion before you run to the vet. I think the same goes for feeding your dog. A good breeder's goal is to breed the healthiest most sound dogs, so it's only in their interest to feed them the best food. Let's hear what a breeder (Yulia Matvyeyva, Kennels von Lotta, vonlotta.com ) of champion German Shepherds has to say about feeding raw:
"Vets go to school to study the internal systems of many different types of animals and birds. They also study different animal diseases and how to treat them. They are doctors, not necessarily nutritional experts. Their focus is in helping sick or injured animals, not how to produce healthy, top quality dogs with outstanding coats, joints, bones, skin etc, which can perform at shows and trials, or be used in a breeding program. It’s typically top breeders and show people that have the benefit of years of experience in raising and researching one specific breed of dogs.
Raw Diet Best Guard Against Pancreatitis & Urinary Problems for Cats
Friday, 12 September 2014 14:40
I was having a conversation the other day with one of our customers, a vet by the way, who was commiserating about the prevelance these days of cats afflicted  pancreatitis and urinary issues.
"Most of the time, you can attribute it to a dry food diet," she said. "Wild cats do not drink water. They derive their moisture from the prey they eat. Remember, the origin of the domestic cat is from the desert where there's basically no water. When a cat eats dry food, it doesn't know that it needs to drink water to maintain an equilibrium within its system. Consequently they develop crystals in their urinary tracts or pancreatitis over the long term. People need to understand that cats are natural raw meaters."
This vet also happens to be a cat owner who shares her home with three kitties (and a couple of dogs).
"I see it with my cats," she says. "The only time I've ever seen them drink water is when I let them outside where they might drink from a puddle. But when I leave out a bowl of water in my home, they won't touch it. It's something that is just not intuitive for them."
A raw diet however, is intuitive for a cat which still has a lot of 'wild' in them compared to dogs. For example, all dogs are not hunters, the vast majority in fact have been bred not to kill, (exception terriers). But almost all cats will hunt, kill and eat their prey whole if they are given the chance. Given the choice do you think a cat would rather eat commercial cat food or a small rodent or bird? I think you know the answer.
Safeguard the health of your cat by feeding it a raw diet.
Champion Poodle Breeder Loves Raw Diets
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 15:14
A lot of poodles strut through our doors, from Toys to Standards and everything in between. But no matter what size it is, the poodle is one breed that simply emanates class and sophistication. Like Parisien gourmets, poodles thrive on good food which is why the best poodle breeders feed raw.
Case in point: Celeto Poodles breeders located in St. Charles, Illinois. I thought it would be a good idea to use this mother and daughter team of champion poodles as an example, since they breed both Miniature and Standards. A poodle family through and through. A poodle breeder that strives for the continuous betterment of the breeds. A best-practices breeder, a feeder of raw. Celeto Poodles owner, Liz Newby, dedicated an entire section on her website about raw diets for poodles. She writes: 
"We believe nutrition is a vital component to the longevity and quality of life; and feel strongly that a natural species-appropriate raw diet is the foundation of which good health is built."
Liz draws comparisons to dogs and their wild canine cousins and explains that the canine digestive system, which has a short tract, was made to digest real meat. She posts pics of what she feeds her prized poodles and discusses the impact of the raw diet on her dogs.
In any case, I urge all poodle lovers to check out the www.celetopoodles.com website and peruse the section on raw diets, http://www.celetopoodles.com/raw-diet. Celeto Poodles is a place where raw is truly family affair!
Veteran Boxer Breeder Endorses Raw Diet
Monday, 04 August 2014 16:01
gentry boxers
They like 'em bigger and better in Texas and that includes boxers. While there are many excellent boxer breeders in the U.S, Gentry Boxers from Houston, with some 40 years of breeding experience, grabbed my attention.
Their dogs are spectacular and have won many ribbons in the show ring, but what really impressed me is the stellar qualifications of the breeder, Paula Vandervoot. She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Science and Animal Physiology with emphasis on biology, genetics and animal reproduction. I really like this part: Paula also trained in holistic modalities for support in dogs. A great breeder is one who is involved in their breed associations and Paula's attests to her dedication to the betterment of the breed: she served  as President, Board Member and PR Representative for the Sacramento Valley Boxer Club, as Board Member and Bench Show Chairman for the Boxer Club of Arizona and is currently a member of the Houston Boxer Club.
With  a resume like this, it's safe to say that Paula knows what she's doing with boxers! No surprise she's an avowed raw feederand judging by the quality of her dogs, the results are there. But like I always say, check the source and read what Paula writes about the wonders of a raw diet for boxers. I can assure you that it will be time well spent. Click on the link below and explore...
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