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The Best Educational Site on Raw Feeding

Looking for everything you wanted to know about raw feeding for your cat or dog but were afraid to ask? Look no further - check out rawfed.com, which is positively the best one-stop educational source that we have found on raw diets for cats and dogs. It's authoritative and even somewhat academic in tone, plugging nothing but education on raw. Great articles on just about every health topic, every raw feeding issue you can imagine. Their articles are backed up with solid research from authoritative sources, with loads of content on both cats and dogs. Study this content and you will surely become an advocate of raw feeding.

Reference Books on Raw Diets for Cats & Dogs

Here are a few great reads we came across that extoll and explain the benefits of a raw diet for your cat or dog:

Natural Dog Care; by Celeste Yarnall.  Published in Boston, MA by Journey Editions, 1998.
Reigning Cats & Dogs; by Pat McKay.  Published in Pasadena, CA by Oscar Publications, 1995.
The Encyclopediea of Natural Pet Care; by CJ Puotinen. Published in Los Angeles by Keats/NTC Publications.  1999
Dog Trainers Recommend Raw Diets
Let's face it - dog training does not come easy or natural for most of us. Unfortunately, it's the dogs that ultimately pay the big price. Frustrated owners give them away or haul them in to the local dog shelter complaining that the dog is destroying their lives. Furniture destruction, toilet training issues, excessive barking, biting, the list goes on. And while we may have read all the right books, done our Internet research and watched The Dog Whisperer ad nauseum, Fido still won't behave.
That's when it's time to call in the pros. Makes sense. We take driver's ed before we drive a car, go to college to prepare us the working world, so why not enlist the help of a qualified dog trainer to make your home life with puppy actually livable? It's a worthwhile investment; think about all the money you'll save by not having your furniture destroyed, your home soiled...not to mention peace of mind.
We come across a lot of trainers here and most of them favor a raw diet for their dogs. They believe that there is a strong linkage between nutrition and good behavior. During a discussion I recently had with a prominent Montreal dog trainer, I mentioned that excercise is another key component to good behavior. Cesar Milan stresses this to the point that he often recommends treadmills for those hyperactive dogs. The trainer shrugged his shoulders and smirked, "That's because so many dogs are on kibble which is loaded with carbs. It's like feeding your kids sugar and junk food. No wonder the dogs aren't obedient. A raw fed dog is much calmer because his system isn't overloaded with all that processed junk."
So try out this winning combo of a raw diet and a good trainer, it may just be the best investment you make to balance your home life with your dog.
Mrs. Meadys recommends:
Graham Smith
Top 10 Dog Nutritional Gurus

A raw diet for dogs is highly recommended by these leading canine nutritional gurus.

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