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Customer Reviews

Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products...


Unabashed Mrs. Meadys' Fan


We are the lucky ones to have found Mrs. Meady's. From the very first time Maria randomly called you for information on your products to now. We love your business, but also appreciate the people behind the business. So thank you and see you soon!


Jay & Maria, Montreal



valcNatural Feeding Working Wonders 

Nora my gorgeous Leonberger is thriving on her Mrs. Meadys diet of beef, lamb, chicken & turkey necks, liver, heart and veggies. Her teeth are clean, coat is shiney and she has lots of energy. I also love the great customer service that I get from Mrs. Meadys with home delivery.

Val C., westmount



lab-pit-mix 5

My dogs have never loved any dog food as much as Mrs. Meadys dog food! I'm convinced that it's the best food to keep big dogs healthy and their teeth clean.

Dimitra V., Montreal




Buddy is loving his new food and, I don't know if I'm imagining it, but seems to have more energy.

Susan S., Montreal



I never knew my bulldog could jump so high, until I started feeding him a Mrs. Meadys' healthy & natural diet. It's also so easy to store in my freezer and stays fresh because it's vacuum-packed. Now my dog gets so excited when I feed him. I also noticed that he's shedding much less and smells better...

Sue R., Ottawa


jen2Thanks from my little Mrs. Meady's fan, Biggie. He just turned one last month.

Jen S., Montreal


golden ret

My dog's favourite part of the day is when we feed him Mrs. Meadys' food!

Richard M., Cote St. Luc


lilyI just wanted to say that after I picked up my sample pack today, I went home and took a piece of the fish, beef & chicken mix and cut it up into 6 smaller pieces. It was still frozen but not hard like a rock. My miniature schnauzer-terrier mix loved it. I then gave him another chunk. He gobbled that up. I gave him the same mix for supper, and he ate all of that too. I will certainly be coming back after the holidays for more. Thank you so much.

Lorraine B., Lasalle



I gave my daschund Mrs. Meadys and she wolfed it down. While veggies are usually not a big hit with my dog, she ate them, which is amazing!

Debbie D., Montreal



Bella, our German Shepherd, can't get enough of Mrs. Meadys. The beef and veggie balls have improved her digestive system and also alleviated some of her allergies. She has put on weight (she needed it), has a gorgeous shiny coat and her teeth are clean and breath is fresh. The fact that Mrs. Meadys delivers to our home and that the food goes straight from the freezer to her bowl makes it easy and convenient. We really recommend Mrs. Meadys!

Tammy S., Montreal


Senior Dog Doing Just Fine

old welsh

I've noticed much more improvement in behavior with us from our 15 yr old Welsh Terrier, Lailoo. She's more open to our affection and eating better and sleeping all night every night for the past 2 weeks now!



Laval, Quebec


CYNRaw Diet = Best Nutritional 

Diesel has very specific Dietary needs and absolutely can not have any Commercial Dog Food and or Supplements. All his nutritional requirements must be met through fresh raw sources. For years I have struggled with this till a Friend from Mississippi pointed me to Mrs. Meadys right here in my own backyard. DOH ! Everything I need in one-stop-shopping, what a blessing.

Cheryl C., Montreal



My dogs looove their Mrs. Meadys food! So much that we are now feeding them a raw diet and my little female has even put on weight during the last couple of weeks. It's a very convenient way to feed them a raw diet. And they also love the marrow bones sooo much!


Gen N., Lachine


big and small



Layka loves Mrs. Meadys food, no question!  It will be interesting to see her transformation from kibble to raw. Her fave's so far are beef and fish

Andrea R., Westmount



My Bichon, Hunter, is really enjoying his Mrs. Meadys food. His teeth are a lot cleaner (which is important when you're living with a dentist). I'm also happy to report that his diarreah has gone away, which is something we've been struggling with for a long time.

Britanny M., Montreal




Cosmo absolutely loves the food! It takes him a little while to eat it, but I see he enjoys the challenge of chowing down on it...

Ian R., West Island


P1o6w1y8dsIwlyudgPZ2 Dog14

With the Mrs. Meadys raw food, even at 12 years old, my dog just goes completely wild:-))) This is one happy dog!

Guy S., Montreal



Taz, our mini pin, loves the food from Mrs. Meadys. Especially the beef cubes, he's a very big fan, and a happy doggy!

Mikw T., DDO



"Good morning, my name is Babette and I am a 5 y.o. toy Manchester terrier. This morning my mom fed me Mrs Meady's beef. Since I was a pup I was fed a raw diet but this morning it was a real feast! I can't wait to try out all the new stuff in the starter pack my mom bought yesterday....I'll keep you posted.
Have a great day everyone!"

Suzanne L., Ile Bizard



My dog was a picky eater before I changed him to Mrs. Meadys. Now he practically “snorts” it up he loves it so much...

Mendy B, Trenton, Ont.


fionaandfloydOlder Dogs Changing to Raw Diets

"My canine companions and I love Mrs.Meadys! We have different reasons, of course - but we all wholeheartedly agree, it's the place to be!

They love the variety - what fun to have a different meat or blend to tantalize their palate everyday. And because it comes in such a convenient cubed format, they even get to enjoy raw treats as well! 

On my end, I absolutely love the Mrs.Meadys posse! Always smiling and superbly helpful, the customer service experience they offer is unparalleled.

Ps: especially adore the new five pound bag format! Economical, convenient and environmentally friendly - huzzah!"


Shannon R.



No More Rheumatism 



My dog loves the food! He much more energy now, no more rheumatism. His doesn't make him suffer anymore and no he can go up the stairs in one breath. The fact that the meat is frozen raises no problem for him...even if he only has a fang or two left!

Nathalie F., Montreal



My Bichon loves Mrs. Meadys dog food. I've also noticed that his coat is much shinier and his allergies have gone away.

Anne B., Montreal




Claims digestion is better on raw diet.

Ca passe super bien avec mon jeune Grand Danois, il adore les boulettes de Mrs. Meadys! Pour moi, c'est sur que la digestion est mieux...

Dr. Julie B., Boucherville



OMG! My bulldogs, Oscar and Lola love Mrs. Meadys dog food! The only problem I have now is I have to feed them in separate rooms because they'll fight to eat all they can get.

Stella V., Montreal



Maggie just loves the stuff! she thinks the food are treats, so I have have to keep an eye on her otherwise she tries to sneak out of the kitchen and eat her "treat" in a corner...

Louise D., Montreal



Mrs. Meadys delivers free to dog park groups of 3 or more. And the customers love it. "Once again I would like to thank you for coming out to meet us and bring us our orders. Such service is rare. Thank you again. And by the way, Sammy loves the Rabbit Supreme!"

Liz T., DDO



Définitivement, nous voyons le changement pour notre petit Zucchini. Seulement hier, après 2 journées de nourriture en croquette, il a fait 4 'poos'!!! Et beaucoup de flatulences également! Il attend maintenant à côté du frigo à chaque fois que nous ouvrons la porte pour voir si nous allons lui donner sa nourriture crue. Il adore!!


5 Months Later:

Zucchini va très bien et adore toujours sa nourriture! Son poil est superbe et brillant. Il a une meilleure haleine et sent le petit puppy encore! C'est son anniversaire dans quelques jour! Un grand toutou de 1 an. Nous sommes très satisfaits des produits que Mrs. Meadys nous offrez!

Anna S., Laval



We try to feed our dog, Graham, the closest to a natural raw food diet that we can. Mrs. Meady's beef and grain-fed chicken are just the meal ticket we were looking for. Graham just can't get enough of the flavour and we know that he's getting the best food to keep him healthy and spry. We get our dog food delivered to our home and it makes our life much easier.

Eric C., Montreal



My dogs love Mrs. Meadys' dog food. This is the most natural and healthy way to feed my pets. It's the first time I have crying in the morning and they follow me around after their breakfast just to make sure I did not forget anything like a second portion... if you know what I mean.

Patricia H., Hudson

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