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Customer Reviews

Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products...

I started to add one Popeye raw meat ball (Beef and Kale) to each of my dog's meals. She gets so excited now when it's meal time that she almost jump in anticipation. She waits until I put the Popeye meat ball in her dish and then leaves with it to enjoy it in another room. She then comes back to finish her meal. I've never seen my dog so excited about food! Even if I bury the Popeye ball under her food, she finds it an eats it first. Mika also loves the BeefenBerry mix and the beef liver too. Your food is a big hit at home! Bravo Mrs. Meadys!
Nathalie R., Montreal

colbyMeet Colby, a gorgeous young German shepherd (rescue -believe it or not). She needed to put on some weight and a Mrs. Meadys raw food diet seemed to do the trick.









Judy A., Westmount


bear3Old Bear Rebounds on Raw

My dog Bear, a lab-husky mix who is 11 or 12 years old, had a ruptured ulcer and almost died. He had life saving surgery and came home as a picky eater. He took to Mrs. Meadys and gobbles every morsel! Thank you, Howard & David!!=


Melanie S., Montreal


 jade edRottweiler Puppy on Raw

Serious, experienced and enlightened dog-owners understand the importance of a raw diet for their pets, particularly during the puppy phase. Meet Jade, a 10 month old rottie import with a blue-ribbon pedigree, She's the 3 rottie that her owner, Shane, has had. Note the massive paws, big bone structure and impeccable conformation. Needless to say, Shane knows a thing or two about the breed and that a raw diet is the BEST diet.


Shane A., Montreal


blacky3Boston Terrier Raised on Raw

Blacky is doing awesome since he is on Mrs. Meadys raw diet! He's a pretty big Boston Terrier puppy and he'a having all the nutrients he needs to grow strong and healthy!

Danny M., Laval


shannonThese guys rock our socks off! Floyd and Fiona are happy and healthy, thanks to the variety of raw food available through Mrs.Meadys!


Shannon R., Montreal


Duck Necks for Kittybengal kitty

My cat absolutely goes crazy for the duck necks. I never thaw his food. He eats his bowl and let's the mussels and duck neck thaw for 15 minutes before going back and finishing it, the duck neck keeps him busy for a good 30 minutes.


Danny V., Laval


wink1Poodle Likes Variety in Raw Diet


Well, Wink is enjoying the additions to his diet, even the veggies. The packaging is great and so is the variety.


Jim S., Laval



Breakfast of Champions



I feed Balto, my German Shepherd, the best.  He absolutely loves his Mrs. Meadys food. It's great for his teeth and coat and the wide variety of products allow me to give him a balanced diet without feeding him the same products day after day. And the service is great, I get regular weekly deliveries and a lot of helpful advice.


Sam E., Westmount


sheila3Lookin' Good!

Things are good, Mrs. Meadys! Thank you, my babies love your food!

Sheila S., Harrow, Ontario

Lottie is a German short haired pointer 11 years old - 12 in December. She is from a working and show pedigree. She has no major health issues that we are aware off, never been on any long term medication. Unfortunately she has always been a food obsessed greedy dog so it wasn't unusual for her to have loose stools and go often. As you know she is an amazing swimmer!!!
My husband has a 4 year contract in Montreal, so we had to decide if shipping Lottie to Montreal from the UK was the right thing to do for her and for us, we did have the option to leave her with relatives. We just didn't know how she would handle the 12 hours minimum in a crate. It was heart breaking leaving her and I hadn't actually seen her for 6 weeks prior to her arrival at the airport. We could hear her howling in the cargo collection area before we could see her so we knew she had survived the flight. She has always been a very clean dog but we were amazed to see she had not done anything in her crate, she went crazy when she saw us and did the longest wee you have ever seen.
The first few days she seem a little stiff, panting a lot and diarrhea, we put this down to stress and the journey, but I was concerned she looked a little skinny. Before leaving the UK some friends had recommended we try a raw food diet for her, so I thought this would be an ideal time to try her on it. I did some research online and found Mrs. Meady's. David has delivered every order we have placed and over the last 4 weeks we have watched her put on a few pounds, and regain her energy levels, but best of all she does poo I can pick up and you would think it has come from a Chihuahua. I try to be really strict with her and the only treats she has is from Mrs Meady's. Chicken necks, tripe and meaty lamb bones. 
I am so pleased we changed her diet and I am certain Lottie is too. 
Thanks David!
Pam S., Lachine, Quebec
I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know how insanely wonderful Mrs. Meady's is. The service you get is beyond par, the information provided reassures even the most "green" of customers, the quality of their product is irreproachable and to top it all off my dogs adore their food and as a dog owner there is nothing in this world that make me happier than to see my boys happy & healthy. I am forever sold on not only a raw diet but on the wonderful Mrs. Meady's!
Denyse M., Ste-Sophie, Quebec

Rygel tie2Rygel: Strong & Healthy

Meet Rygel, a 7 year-old Weimaraner, a picture of great canine health and a Mrs. Meadys' customer from the start.


Jean G., Montreal


shibaTake a look at how nicely Moko, a shiba inu, has developed on a Mrs. Meadys raw diet. This is a before & after for a period of about 5 months. Here's what her owner has to say, "Moko has always been a picky eater. Thanks to Mrs. Meadys, he has improved both the quality and quantity of his diet. He enjoys in particular the beef heart and liver. We notice an improvement in his behavior, coat, and in his general well being."

Melissa P., Nuns Island


pugsPugs Loving Mrs. Meadys!

We are very satisfied with the quality of your products. Our dogs are in perfect shape, healthy and happy! They can’t get enough of your food. They have the shiniest fur and the cleanest teeth since we stated feeding them your products.

Keep up the good work!


Claudia, Longueuil, QC


siberian2Raw Treats for Siberian Huskies

Thank you for a great products, my dogs love it! For sure we'll come to your store for more tasty treats!

Karina P., Montreal

Timmy Bitestimmy

Love button please~ !! Thanks to Floyd, Fiona and Shannon I bought the bison for the first time the other day with Timmy, my 8lb, 11 year old Maltipoo and he absolutely adores it! Has a little spring in his step for breakfast and doesn't need to drink as much as with the dry raw stuff. So reasonably priced too. Best part is that I don't have to separate it into bites for him...


Lindsay E., Montreal


dannybengalBengal Kitty Thrives on Raw 


Hunter. A beautiful, vocal and extremely playful Bengal cat, that we have made part of our family. Choosing him, settling on a breeder and bringing him home for the first time was quite an experience. Lots of research about the breed lead to long nights reading countless articles.Then I fell on nutrition. How can I spend so much time, love and energy and not give Hunter the very best. I started reading and reading and decided there was no way Hunter would eat commercial food. All the byproducts and the big companies that only cared about their portfolios instead of Hunter keeping us company for many years to come. I decided to go raw and considered doing it myself. After more research I fell on Mrs. Meadys. I read their reviews, scouted their Facebook page and decided to give them a call. I spoke to David, and we spoke for 30 mins. I was just calling to see what they would say, but after speaking to David, he literally took me by the hand and advised me on what was best for Hunter. I started with the starter pack. Howard rang the doorbell less then 90 minutes after I had ordered, speedy service, it's also worth mentioning I live off the island. Hunter had only been at my home for 3 days and was 9 weeks old so I was not sure how he would like to food. David had explained to me a few ways to introduce the food to Hunter, but I tried it cold turkey. I took a few cubes and cut them in more manageable pieces for little hunter. He went straight for it, and loved it. It is now 8 weeks we have Hunter, he is growing quickly but loves his eating time. His absolute favorite are chicken, beef heart and liver. He also eats turkey and mussels. I cannot thank the Mrs. Meadys team enough for their great service and support. They have walked me through the whole process. I am currently awaiting another Bengal cat, and I'm sure he will be just as happy, eating what nature intended them to eat, raw meat and bones. I almost must add, Hunter is always complemented on his amount of energy he has, and I truly believe this is solely based on his diet. Hunters breeder saw him last week and could not believe how in shape he has remained and how luxurious and shiny his coat is. For a lady that has 10 cats and give or take 30 kittens at any given time, I believe that's the best compliment of all.

Many thanks again to the Mrs.Meadys team.


Danny V., Laval


jw dogTeeth & Breath Best on Raw

If you have a dog, try Mrs. Meadys. My dog has never had such great teeth and breath.

Jennifer W., Montreal


tonys poodlesThankful for Raw

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Many thanks for all your help and advice, Mrs. Meadys, my wife thanks you, the dogs thank you and I thank you…

Tony F., Montreal



Ross is a chef in one of Montreal's hippest restaurants, so he's really picky about what he feeds his gorgeous Bengal kitten. He's particularly fond of some of the gamier meats like elk, venison and beef heart, not to mention fish, mussels and just about everything else. Ross uses Chicken Plus as the base meat to most of the meals and spices it up with those gamier meats. Judging by the coat and overall health of the kitty, the raw diet is certainly doing the trick.


Ross M., Montreal


Tag and SneakersConvenience, Value & Variety

Tag and Sneakers, our Italian Greyhounds, absolutely LOVE Mrs. Meadys.  Not only are there many choices available (Beef, Chicken, Rabbit, Bison & Veggie Mix to name a few) but each is packaged with a convenient zip top, making dinner time a snap!  Excellent quality and great value! 


Jane D., Kitchener, Ontario


Jack and Chiko loved the veal tails! They love everything any way! Funny anecdote: Jack eats faster than Chiko, so whenever Chiko is eating a piece he usually hides because he's scared that Jack will steal it. So he would leave his bowl to hide with his big piece, Jack would end up finishing his plate while he's hiding in my room. So now he learned to finish leave with the big meat pieces elsewhere instead! Isn't that funny?




Angie G., Verdun, Quebec


pomKratos (the god of war in Greek Mythology) sure does love his Mrs. Meadys....Thx guys !!!


Katerine M., Montreal


200logoHad the best experience over the phone, I just can imagine how friendly and devoted these people are in person!

Kevin D., Montreal

Top Breeder Recommends Meadysbrenda

Cantex Italian Greyhounds owner says:  "We are recommending Mrs. Meadys to all our pet owners."

Brenda C., Millbrook, Ontario


mr wafflesMr. Waffles Goes Raw

Everything is good; Mr. Waffles loves his Mrs. Meadys' raw food!


Mark T., Toronto


Pug's Digestion Issues Gone


Thanks, Mrs. Meadys! The food is beautiful!! Mattie has really been enjoying her food - she jumped up on her hind legs to sniff it on the counter :)  Since we started giving her extra vegetables, she is no longer throwing up.

Jennifer, Toronto, Ont.


lucie c

Vet Hooked on Raw Diet


As a trained vet, I hesitated a long time before trying a raw diet, since we were not taught much in our nutrition classes at vet school about the benefits of this ''non-commercial'' diet. I am the proud mother of an English bulldog, who is 2 1/2 years. After just the first week with Mrs. Meadys, I noticed several improvements in my dog's health - (energy level, loss of loose stool and hair loss, and disappearance of gas)! Interestingly, Mrs. Meadys also offers fresh vegetables to complement the different types of meat which come in small cubes that make it easy to portion, handle and store. I feed my dog many of the different meat products and my dog digests it easily, without experiencing any symptoms, unlike the commercial dog food.

He also seems much more cheerful at mealtimes. I vary his diet with different types of meat - vegetable combinations. The service is also excellent and they offer home delivery!

Dr. Lucie C., Montreal


Cats & Dogs Do Raw!jv

Since my dog has been eating raw food his poop has vastly improved, the stools are healthy and less smelly. Also, her teeth are cleaner and brighter because she eats the food frozen...Let,s not forget my cat, who absolutely loves her liver!

N.V., Montreal

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