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Customer Reviews

Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products...

jack and leelo

Love bird huskies Jack and Leeloo munch on a wide variety of Meadys' goodies, and have a special loves for treats like lamb & veal tails, duck necks and bison tripe.


Maggie C., Montreal



Check out this hunk, Gutta, a pittie who's built like a bullmastiff with a laid back demeanor. Before Gutta went on the Mrs. Meadys raw diet, he was plagued with a bunch of annoying allergies and racking up some hefty vet bills in the meantime. Almost immediately it all changed and today Gutta is in better shape than ever!


Marc T., Montreal

My little French Bulldog has a very sensitive stomach and even the fanciest kibble was proving to be problematic. I did some research and came upon Mrs Meady's and decided to give them a try, am I ever glad I did!
They are responsive and can recommend a diet that suits your dog, breed and wishes. The delivery times are convenient and it's only 8$. My dog adores his food and dances as soon as he sees the bag come out of the freezer every single day.
If you love your pet like a child, then why not spring for the best? His coat is shiny and soft, his teeth are in top shape and his digestion is now a breeze; a raw diet is the only way to go and Mrs Meady' s makes it so very simple plus David is a dream to deal with: highly recommend for your pooch too! (Hibou says "WOOF!")
Janine T., Montreal


Nora the Leonberger comes from a home where fine dining is a priority. Perhaps that's why Nora's sophisticated palate appreciates the flavors of the beef mixes with veggies and fruit.


Valerie C., Westmount



Kali is a boxer - lab mix who's been raised on a raw diet. Clean teeth, a coat that is shiny and thick and most important, a happy dog! A natural raw diet is not only best for the health, but for the head. A prominent Montreal dog trainer insists that his clients get their dogs on raw diets before he even starts training them.


Brandon S., Montreal



Meet Mila, the sweetest rottie we've yet to meet. Mila's mom attributes her baby's top form to her natural raw diet. The sheen of her coat is something to behold!


Lorie K., Montreal



Check out Mauka, the sweetest dobie you will ever meet. She's been doing great since switching to a natural Mrs. Meadys' diet. She put on a few needed pounds and her coat is thicker and shinier than ever before.


Alicia C., Montreal


taz ns

Mighty Taz's owners may have moved out to Nova Scotia a while ago, (and loving it we're pleased to hear), but they still feed the little guy his Mrs. Meadys' food. Every time Dad visits them from Montreal, he makes sure to stop by Mrs. Meadys and stock up with a delectable and wide variety of products. Thanks Sarah, for hanging in with us!

"Taz is a very picky eater, but he loves his Mrs.Meadys, it's well worth it!"
Sarah T., Nova Scotia



jackson dobie

Meet Jackson, a young and very active, well-bred Doberman who trains for agility. Problem was that Jackson had tummy issues and lost interest in his kibble. Pleased to say that switching to a Mrs. Meadys' fresh frozen diet has changed everything. Jackson is now eating with a ravenous appetite, has gained needed weight and his stomach problems have gone away...


Marc M., Montreal

We like to think that our product variety and packaging make it easy for customers to feed their pets a natural balanced diet. Here's a pic a customer of ours (Tayna) shared with us along with her caption: " Meal preparation for the week :)"
Thanks, Tayna! We are happy that you are happy!
Tayna T., Laval

johns easter babies

Raw feeding is a family tradition in this champion line of blue ribbon Leonbergers. John gets his babies on raw as soon as they can chew and by the looks of things, he doesn't have to do much convincing.


John B., Westmount

Check out what the owner of this spectacular wolf-husky hybrid has to say about Neo's new Mrs. Meadys' diet:
I am very satisfied with the food I received. It took a couple days for my hybrid to adjust...Neo prefers the Chevaline and Balanced mixes and loves the lamb and veal tails very much!
Vick D, Ottawa


What time of day is it? Meadys time of course, the best time!


Sandra L., Lasalle



I'm always impressed with a well trained dog and Benson the boxer is one of the most obedient and well-mannered dogs that I have met. Here he is eating his meaty bone in the living room, but he knows that it can only be eaten on his "bone" towel. He makes sure that it stays there, so the living room never gets dirty. Great job Chris!


Chris L., Montreal


zeus 2

Check out Zeus, a rare coloured coton de tulear. Zeus' mommy was a somewhat reluctant convert to the raw diet, but it's been close to a year now and she's never looked back. Zues goes gaga at mealtime. He's full of energy and his health is robust. Zeus is a good eater and is fed a wide variety of protein meats, including fruit and veggie blends.


Carol B., Montreal West



Meet Tequila, a massive 120 lb nine year old German shepherd, who was tiring of her kibble diet and was developing plaque on her teeth. Her mommy's cousin, (already a Mrs. Meadys convert), suggested that she try out a raw diet including chewy snacks to clean things up. We're pleased to say that Tequila took to the natural food like it was her last meal and has developed a particular fondness for chew tubes. Let's just say that her teeth are getting whiter by the day!


Barb N., Montreal



No question about it, pugs do better on raw diets. Many of them seem to have gas issues when fed kibble. In fact, we had one customer who couldn't have people over in her apartment, the gas was so bad. (All that went away with the introduction of a raw diet).  Check out this pair of pugs that are in excellent condition: lean, clean teeth and shiny coats. Mariko, their mom, likes to attribute this to their raw diets. Naturally we agree! 


Mariko N., Montreal


farahs pom

This mature pom has a taste for the good stuff. Duck and Elk are her faves.

Farah S., Montreal






We're proud to count Lite, part of the police force's K9 unit, as one of our customers. Lite is a spectacular German shepherd (imported from Germany).


Alex S., Montreal



Just fed Xander his elk meat and he LOVED it - He looked all paranoid like he thought "this is too good to be true" she's gonna take it away from me.
Honestly Dave, your products are better than anything they currently have in the raw pet food industry. Thanks again for the awsome products - Xander's happy so I am too! 
Giselle :-)   Oakville, Ontario

panchosanza big

A Belgian Malinois is a serious dog, it's no wonder they are used as guard dogs in the White House. Check Pancho and his new little sis, Sanza. Both are doing great on their Meadys' raw diet. Take note that they come from one of the premier breeders in world, who (naturally) feeds all her dogs raw diets.


Ashley M., Montreal



cammy - Copy

Cammy is 9 years, in great shape and one of the most obedient dogs we've yet to meet. And of course, she loves her Mrs. Meadys raw diet!


AJ S., Outremont



Zoe is a gorgeous shih tzu mix who seems to attract all the men, like DJ in this case? Maybe it's because of her smile and clean healthy teeth. She maintains her white choppers by chewing on lots of bones and duck necks. Eight years old, great teeth and a killer smile.


Karine C., Montreal




Lula's mom and dad aren't sure if their treasured pooch is a schnorkie or a schnoodle or maybe just a schnauzer. In any case, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that Lula gets the best, with a natural wholesome diet at the top of the list. We're pleased to report that she's doing great and loves the variety of her Mrs. Meadys' diet.


Andres A., Montreal



Introducing Bear, one lucky rottie - lab mix who's been raised on a hormone-free raw diet. Bear has a spectacular shiny coat and teeth so white you'd think he uses whitening strips in the morning. We should mention that Bear is one well-trained dog, so obedient that his master, Zach, walks him off leash wherever he goes. Good work, Zach!


Zach K., Montreal



Introducing the very chic and friendly, Ella, a growing Italian greyhound puppy, who's thriving on her natural Mrs. Meadys' diet!

Bob D., Montreal


dannys pit2

Mrs. Meadys is proud to count this young, well-behaved pittie as one of ours. This magnificent specimen is in perfect form, curved and muscular like a racehorse. Also note the blue coat and beautiful large head. Danny, the owner, likes to attribute his dog's overall condition to his rawnatural  diet. And we agree!


Danny F., Montreal



Jackson is one special miniature pinscher topping the scales at some 20 lbs, considerably bigger than your typical 7 - 8 lb specimen of the breed. We like to think that aside from outstanding genetics, that a couple of years on a Mrs. Meadys' diet figured in prominently to Jackson's robust conformation. Needless to say, this jumbo-sized mini pin has a healthy appetite and eats a wide variety of protein meats, from fish to elk and everything in between.


Richard K., Montreal

Orvis Yellow Labrador Retriever 01.jpg w450
After just a few months on the Mrs. Meadys' raw diet, my dog is doing amazing! He already lost 5 pounds (as needed). My vet couldn't get over how great he looks and how shiny his coat is. Now he jumps with enthusiasm when I go to the freezer to pull out his food!
Alex L., Montreal
Do teacup chihuahuas love Mrs. Meadys? You bet!
Esther M., Montreal
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