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Customer Reviews

Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products...


Vali, my Valley Bulldog just LOVES her meat chunks! Valley Bulldogs are bred in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and are a Boxer/English Bulldog mix (over several generations). Although our Vali is a bit small for the breed (we believe she was probably the runt of her litter), she's strong and healthy and full of energy due in no small part to her Mrs. Meady diet. Thank-you!!!

Shelly C., Longueuil



Wendy, my Italian Greyhound, is doing great! She gained 2 pounds already and she really loves Mrs. Meadys' food. It's a success :)

Sebastien F., Montreal


mdMD, my long-haired chihuahua is thriving on her new raw diet. He now has more energy and makes much smaller, harder, odorless poo - important considering the little guy does his biz inside on pads.

Jean G,, Montreal




I have always been a great supporter of feeding a raw diet to our domesticated carnivores, but when you have a large dog, as I do, it can be a very expensive, and/or time consuming proposition.

Now that I have found YOU however, that problem is solved. The product is excellent, offering high quality and variety in an easy-to-feed format, and the prices cannot be beat! My Emma, a very fit and very food-sensitive 6 year old German Shepherd, is thriving and looks forward to her mealtimes as never before.   

Thank you Mrs. Meady's! Emma and I love you!

Janine H., Montreal



Meet the adorable Waffles, a Mrs. Meadys fan. From the words of her owner, "Wanted to say the raw diet helps her to stay healthy, her coat is soft and her poop doesn't smell. I'm very satisfied and happy with the raw diet I'm giving her. Thank u so much."

Carolina A., Montreal



Bonjours! Je m appel Baileys. Mon maitre ma adopté en Aout 2011 car il me voyait négligé. Il ne l'accepté pas donc depuis ce temps nous sommes devenus des compagnons inséparable et complémentaire...Mais mon amis qui est mon maitre avait  beaucoup de difficulter a me trouver de la nouriture adapté a moi  car ma digestion. C'était difficile et mes selles  étaient mou et dur a ramasser. C'est alors tout en se promenent que mon amis a vue un endroit nourriture pour animal de luxe Mrs Meadys et il m'en a apporté.  A! que j ai aimé et après un certain temps tout est devenu a la normal. Mon amis, mon maitre en est  tres heureux  et moi aussi puis que depuis ce temps li ne me nourris qu avec Mr.Meadys. Et moi - j'ai toujous hate a mon repas car je sais que je vais manger des produits bon au gout et bon pour moi sur ce  Merci  a Vous de Baileys un fervant Amis!

Aldo C., Montréal



Before I put my Doberman, Zais, on a Mrs. Meadys' raw diet, he had a bad skin allergy and chronic diarrhea. I tried everything, but nothing worked. Fortunately, the new raw diet changed all that. His skin allergies went away and so did the chronic diarrhea. Zais put on a few badly needed pounds and now his coat is so shiny, people actually ask me if I wax him. My vet attributed his improvement to the varied raw diet. And best of all it's natural!

Phil S., Laval


kami-mariana-toro-1Kami is the best dog ever, so she deserves the best. The Mrs. Meadys' diet has helped with her coat, her teeth, her "smell", she's happy so I'm happy. And she loves Mrs. Meadys!

Mariana T., Westmount


michelle d

We all know that cats can be picky eaters, sometimes it just takes a little patience to get them going on raw:

"Rosie my cat, is officially eating raw meat only with no complaints! More or less. I'd like if she ate more of her little chicken cube but enh, it's a start. Mrs. Meadys is awesome! ^_^ Maddie, however, being the 11 year old grumpygrump she is, isn't eating a lot without the fancy feast mixed in, yet.

Michelle D., Montreal



Here's a pic I love of "The Boys" together - Oscar Wilde and his sidekick Bosie. Here's what they have to say about Mrs. Meadys food:


"Thanks to Mrs. Meady's, I grew bigger than my brother!  It's frozen, it's crunchy, and it makes me jump and spin in circles when my humans bring it to me."


"After six years of trying to feed me everything under the sun, my humans FINALLY found something tasty  - and good for me.  Mrs. Meady's has changed my life! Finally, I eat every meal I am offered." 

Andrea W., Montreal



My dog LOVES Mrs. Meady's! Initially skeptical of raw dog food diets, I was convinced by a friend to try it for a week. My mini schnauzer was previously a picky eater, but she loved Mrs. Meady's from the start. I like the easy to serve portions and the reduced quantity of daily "treasures" to pick up and dispose of. As an added benefit she is already 2 pounds closer to her ideal weight after just a few weeks!

Rodney L., Westmount



My beautiful Roxy absolutely adores her Mrs Meadys food!!! After just a week on her new diet, her stool was back to normal!!! No smell!!! Her breath is (for the first time), delightful!! I have to say the service and their knowledge is impeccable!!!  The best part is that they deliver !!! Roxy and I are both happy campers! Thanks again for taking the time and genuinely caring for my dogs health.

Debbie H., Town of Mount Royal


manon l

My new baby is 6 months old and his name is Nicco Angelo. He is very difficult to feed because he doesn't like almost everything. On top of that, he has many digestion problems. Two weeks ago I put him on Mrs Meadys diet and that little guy is now so happy, when it's time to eat, he goes crazy. He finally has better stools and his breath is so much better. Thank you so much for giving us the ability to feed our babies with the best ;)

Manon L., St. Laurent



My two dogs absolutely love Mrs Meady's raw diet. They are the pickiest dogs in the world and will hardly eat anything. We put down a bowl of the raw chicken and they devoured it within minutes! Mrs Meady's has excellent customer service and we are so happy that we have found them :)

Samantha B., Laval



Since we have Rocco on a raw diet, the thin patches of fur that was missing have all grown back, he barely sheds and his fur is super soft....

Steve S., Montreal



I have a French Bulldog named Sullivan who is 14 months old and I was looking for a healthy, easy and cost efficient way to ensure he was getting the best food possible.  A friend of mine introduced me to Mrs. Meady's and we've been a client ever since.

Mrs. Meady's makes raw food easy! They have re-sealable and space friendly packaging to make feeding and buying in bulk very stress-free.  The staff is friendly and experienced and there is always new choices and variety every time I go.  Delivery makes things easy and going to the store is just as fast. I am very happy with the product and services I get from this local merchant and I would recommend it to anyone!

Tara, Montreal



Here's a happy new Meadys' camper. A picky little diva with an appetite only for the best:

"A MIRACLE!!!!!!!! He licked the bowl clean...did the chicken and added a little egg white...He inhaled it...I am thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you : )...I am so excited that he likes something :)"

Lamara I., St.Laurent



When you have a Weimaraner, you know that you have a dog that is high energy, needs to move and, in our case, is also prone to allergic reactions. In the past, we put him on a raw diet to make sure that he received the best he could get and to reduce his chances of getting an allergic reaction. When we learned of Mrs. Meady’s , we wanted to try it out. Having someone locally who has raw food of great quality is exactly what we needed. The quality and the variety can’t be beat.

Steven J., NDG

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