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On Alert at Dog Park
Thursday, 30 June 2016 17:09

dog park pack


Nobody flip-flops on going to the dog park like me. On one hand, I'm always aware of the potential for a scrap, but my dog, DJ, has such a good time, I take him anyways. He plays his heart out, then chills for the rest of the day.

Last Sunday however, my deep reservations came to fruition. I led him into the park despite sensing that one of the dogs was unbalanced. He greeted DJ at the entrance with a growl, but I still marched onward. For about 15 minutes all was okay. They played well and DJ was having fun. Then out of the blue, the unbalanced dog lunged at DJ and a fight ensued.

Fortunately, I pulled DJ off before there was damage but it was getting nasty. Pleased to report that DJ left unscathed, but I think I'll avoid the park for a while. Like I say, it only takes one incident for something to happen. So hey, beware of dog parks and proceed with caution.