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Big Bones Are Better
Thursday, 12 November 2015 16:14


Size doesn't matter, at least when we are discussing dog bones. Many people are under the misconception that a small dog should chew on a small bone and a large dog should chew on a large bone. I can understand the logic behind this, but in my books, big is usually better. 
Think about it: have you ever seen carnivores in the wild feasting on neat little portions? Of course not, they typically will dine on a carcass of a large animal like a deer or elk. When they eat this way, they work harder to get their meal, ripping, crunching and tearing flesh and bone. When they finish, they will rest for long periods digesting the meal.
But my point is that the prey is almost always larger than the dog. So if for for example, you feed your Yorkie a mega bone, it's quite natural for him to work on something of that size. He probably won't finish it in one feeding, but he can get back to it as many times as it takes for him to consume that bone. it becomes his pet project, an activity that keeps him occupied. 
It's also a lot more fun than demolishing a small bone in one shot. So think big for your dog and treat him with a mega bone.