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Raw Diet Portion Sizes Can Vary
Wednesday, 04 November 2015 20:48

veal kisses2

I think that people get too caught up with portion size. They weigh meals and give their pets the exact same portion size for every serving. I have nothing against measuring portion sizes and giving your pet the recommended serving, but it's not something I would get obsessed over. I mean think about it, do you eat the exact same amount of food for every meal?  Sometimes I'm hungrier than usual, other days I may not feel like eating much, (although unfortunately those days are rare). 
So let's say that your dog had a heavy day at the dog park, or was running all day in the country, he'll be hungrier and you could feed him more. And if he had a lazy day and didn't burn too many calories, than you could probably feed him less. At the end of the week though, it should even out. Just remember, they're dogs, not machines and like us, their food intake will vary. As long as you're feeding them a wide variety of protein and organ meats, along with a healthy dose of veggies, they'll be okay.